Hello World! This is where I will start to collect my design related thoughts.

About the name.

First I had other ideas. I started with TADA design. It came from TApio and DAranee. And in the logo word “design” says “TADA” in the speaking bubble. Unfortunately there were others who had already came up with the name.

Then I started to like finnish word “olomuoto”, meaning stage/form of matter. The word “design” is usually translated in the word “muotoilu” (forming). It would have nicely communicated the life-cycle of products from one form to another.

I was going to use that, but then I found out that there was Finnish exhibition with similar name. And the final blow was when I realized one anagram you can make from the name.

Finally I forgot to renew the domains and somebody grabbed them. Hopefully in good use. Word “olomuoto” would be nice looking logo in furniture brand or somewhere similar.

I was really struggling with the name decision. Then one morning when I was just taken kids to daycare and returning to my car, it hit me. Design Question.

It comes from my way of generating ideas. I formulate questions and then try to find as many and as different answers as possible.

It had the word “design” on it, “question” as in asking questions and also “questioning”. And you can also find word “quest” there. I like to think that I am on a somekind of quest for improving design processes and understanding.

Best, Tapio

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