Face Shield with HEPA Filter and Air Fan

Concept and prototype .

For people who have to be around other people and want to avoid getting infected by airborne viruses.

Battery powered fan blows HEPA-filtered air inside visor for person to inhale. 2020

Download PDF from here: Face Shield with Hepa Filter and Fan Concept

User Interface Outlook for Nettimoppi 

Updating and improving visual readability of Nettimoppi education program user interface.

Inspiration for concept is from squared notebook. 2017

Dibicode Learning Game

Concept, assignment, user interface and game illustration design for Dibicode, a game for young kids that introduces elements of programming with story telling assignments that require logical thinking and problem solving. 2016

3D Printed Book Shelf Brackets

Existing book shelves weren’t suitable for the space and the purpose.

Brackets modelled and 3D printed.

Oil waxed ready made oak wood boards. Cable space between shelves and wall. 2016

3D Printed Hand Rail Brackets

Hand rail mounted to door frame for safer access to terrace.

Bracked modelled and 3D printed.

Hand rail made from ready made curtail rail. 2016

Bathroom and Sauna Interior

Bathroom and sauna renovation design for summer cottage.

Theme was light bathroom and dark sauna. 2014

Dung Beetle Robot Concept

Concept creation by sketching for research and educational project focusing on insect movement. 2014